The Venus Project was incorporated in 1995 by Roxanne Meadows and Jacque Fresco and named after its location in Venus, Florida, where a 21-acre Center was completed. Within the Center they developed ten buildings, videos, books, lectures, hundreds of models, blueprints, and over 5,500 drawings of future possibilities. In May 2018, The Venus Project became a part of the 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization, Resource Based Economy. The Center in Florida is now the headquarters of Resource Based Economy and welcomes visitors every week. Information about public tours is available here:

The role of The Venus Project name and website is to continue our promotional, educational, and activist activity, as well as further dissemination of the work of Jacque Fresco. The role of the Resource Based Economy NPO is to implement the concept of a Global Resource Based Economy through the Center for Resource Management, followed by a first experimental city and eventually a network of cities. If you would like to volunteer for Resource Based Economy, we have active volunteer teams which you can explore on The Venus Project website’s Get Involved page:

On The Venus Project’s website you will find more about our work and activities. To see additional information, over a hundred frequently asked questions, our YouTube channel, social media channels, free books and documentaries, educational products, multimedia materials and much more, visit

Two ventures originated by Jacque Fresco predated The Venus Project. Project Americana (1950’s and 1960’s) was Jacque Fresco’s presentation to the Johnson administration of how the Continental United States could operate to provide a higher standard of living for all its citizens. Sociocyberneering, founded in 1971, explored the intersection between society, cybernation and engineering. More about the history is available here: