The long-term goals of the Resource Based Economy NPO are to translate our findings into a global network of new highly-efficient cities. This network of cities will be dedicated toward utilizing the methods of science and technology to develop and achieve solutions to global problems, both technically and sociologically, and thereby focusing on the well-being of people and the protection of the environment. We plan on demonstrating how these integrated cities can function in cooperatively sharing their knowledge, findings, and resources towards these aims. They will be showcasing how the entire global population could ultimately thrive from this approach of balancing technology and nature, and will serve as think tanks that will translate its findings into reality.

This approach targets the root causes of our problems, designing an environment that does not generate scarcity, hostilities or deprivation, while providing a fulfilling and enjoyable place to live. This network of cities will serve as a scaffold for a new global society.

Maglev Train
Circular City
Extruded Highrises

Within the cities, we will educate the world through living examples of the potential that can be achieved by implementing a systems approach to design, a different social orientation, relevant education, and global outreach to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.



A vision of efficiency, sustainability, and intelligent planning can lead us into a marvelous new world of unlimited human potential. If we use science and technology with human and environmental concern, these cities will provide a vivid future showcase of the human potential, while working together to preserve the greatest gift we have, the resources and beauty of our planet Earth. In the final analysis, we are one people and share one planet.