The Next Step In Social Evolution

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Resource Based Economy (a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization) proposes an alternative socio-economic system unlike anything that has gone before. This is an attainable vision of a world where science and technology are intelligently applied with human and environmental concern. This system maximizes quality of life for everyone, rather than profits. We call it a Global Resource Based Economy.

Solutions For The Future

The current state of technology allows us to turn Earth into a paradise. This has been the case for decades. The ideas presented on this website outline a possible vision for humanity where the full potential of science and technology is unleashed towards social betterment. This is a description of a world where science and technology will no longer be used in ways that harm people or the environment - a world that surpasses war, violence, environmental damage, and the threat of malicious use of advanced forms of technology.

It is time for humanity to unite under a common direction that will bring true security and prosperity to all.

Updating Society

Our social arrangements shape our behavior and values. Presently, operating within the monetary system requires the pursuit of profit and not necessarily what’s best for people and the ecology.

Science and technology are racing forward. Our methods of social operation, however, are hundreds of years old and have not kept up with our present potential to produce universal abundance. The Global Resource Based Economy system proposed here will allow humanity to finally utilize this potential. The primary function of this social design is to nurture each individual, make available all the goods and services, and supply the best possible education. This will enable all people to pursue whatever constructive lifestyle they choose.

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"Our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is counterproductive to our very survival."
Jacque Fresco

Solving The Unemploy­ment Problem

Today, rapidly advancing technology is on a path to take away the jobs of large portions of the population.

In a Global Resource Based Economy, technology will automate boring and dangerous human labor, giving people more free time and greater access to goods and services, to enable them to address the greater challenges we all face.

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A Global Resource Based Economy requires that we efficiently manage our planet's resources as a single system. By using technology and resources more intelligently, we can provide a high standard of living for ultimately everyone, free of charge.

In such a system, there is no reason to hurt each other or the environment, and no advantages to be gained from doing so. This would surpass the need for stealing, embezzlement, corruption, and envy. These behaviors are not inborn, but a result of being raised in today’s society of scarcity.

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"All Earth's resources become the common heritage of all of the world's people." Jacque Fresco

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Time For A Real Change

What is required is the redesign of our culture to operate within the carrying capacity of the Earth’s resources and in accordance with the wellbeing of people and protection of the environment. This could usher in an age of cooperation, progress, and security between people and nations.

The ideas on this website represent a fresh and holistic approach to global problem solving, but we realize some may disagree with them. All we recommend is for humanity to continue the process of social experimentation, to transcend the limitations of our current society in order to enhance the lives of all people. Only making superficial changes will not deal with the root causes of our problems. The foundation of our social system itself places financial barriers and tremendous constraint on the human potential, both individually and collectively.