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Resource Based Economy (a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization) is working on designing, testing and implementing a new socio-economic system called a Global Resource Based Economy. Accepting that humanity's problems are global in nature, this concept is a bold proposal that seeks to provide a higher quality of life for all, through the intelligent management of Earth's resources. What is required is the redesign of our culture to operate within the carrying capacity of the Earth’s resources and in accordance with the wellbeing of people and protection of the environment. This could usher in an age of collaboration, progress, and security between people and nations.

To this end, the Global Resource Based Economy is a viable alternative to the hyper-consumer model of free markets, where incentive is shifted from profit to human betterment. By shifting this incentive, along with an updated set of values that uses the scientific method to arrive at more appropriate decisions, goods and services are made available to everyone equitably without a price tag or servitude to anyone. Approaching our economic goals as a technical problem to be solved instead of matter of ideology as we currently do, the Resource Based Economy proposes real economics, the utilization of resources not for profit, but toward human betterment.

Abundance For All

While our present economic circumstances have helped usher in our technological potential to manage scarcity, it’s clear that this system no longer keeps pace with our ability to produce abundance. What we are confronted with now is the monetary system creating artificial scarcity in order to maintain ever-increasing profits. A Global Resource Based Economy uses the intelligent and humane application of science and technology to provide abundance for all people.

For the first time we have the technical capability through automation and cybernation to create an environment of abundance, eliminating the effects of scarcity that generate war, poverty, hunger and territorial disputes. Our proposal outlines a possible vision for humanity, where the full potential of science and technology is unleashed towards social betterment. This is a description of economics where the incentive to exploit others is surpassed, and human ingenuity will no longer be used in ways that harm people or the environment. When the goal is not profit but the wellbeing of people and the environment, education will be directed toward supporting a sustainable system. It is long overdue for humanity to unite under a common direction - this will usher in an entirely new value system which correlates with the changing times.

"All Earth's resources become the common heritage of all of the world's people." Jacque Fresco

Higher Quality Of Life

Today the standard of living for the middle class is better than that of most kings of the past. However, as a result of our outdated socio-economic structures, our air quality is reducing, waters are becoming polluted, fertile lands are increasingly turning to deserts, and climate change is affecting the global environment. Our inaction to embrace change threatens every level of society, regardless of income or status.

When the prime directive is a high standard of living through the application of science and technology, research labs would have access to the best society can provide. As a result, the findings and products they produce would be applied directly back into society for everyone’s benefit. Everyone’s quality of life is enhanced when all people have access to the best goods and services, education, healthcare, transportation, housing and energy systems that society can provide.

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Motivation To Participate

If everything is provided for free, what will motivate people to work?

In a Global Resource Based Economy, motivation to participate shifts from having to survive, to pursuing one’s interests and contributing to the rest of humanity and nature.

People are participating in projects that help solve problems common to everyone: Creating abundance, addressing climate change, restoring the environment, ending world poverty and hunger, making education universally accessible, curing diseases, transitioning the world to 100% renewable energy, making all technology and infrastructure sustainable and symbiotic with nature, eliminating all forms of waste, and many, many others. There is no shortage of things to do. After we first address our urgent problems here on Earth, then the vast cosmos is there for us to explore.

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A Global Resource Based Economy requires that we efficiently manage our planet's resources as a single system. By using technology and resources more intelligently, we can provide a high standard of living for ultimately everyone, free of charge.

In such a system, there is no reason to hurt each other or the environment, and no advantages to be gained from doing so. This would surpass the need for stealing, embezzlement, corruption, and envy. These behaviors are not inborn, but a result of being raised in today’s society of scarcity.

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"Our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is counterproductive to our very survival."
Jacque Fresco

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Time For A Real Change

The ideas on this website represent a fresh and holistic approach to global problem solving, but we realize some may disagree with them. All we recommend is for humanity to continue the process of social experimentation, to transcend the limitations of our current society in order to enhance the lives of all people. Only making superficial changes will not deal with the root causes of our problems. The foundation of our social system itself places financial barriers and tremendous constraint on the human potential, both individually and collectively.